This charming single family home in Stinson Beach is 100 yards from the Pacific Ocean. Innovative but quite small, this beach house features stunning views of the mountains along the coast in addition to various vistas of the village, Bolinas Lagoon and the sea.

The project was developed with the intention of creating housing that’s green and small, which means letting go of the excessive spaciousness that has come to define homes in America — an addiction that’s very hard to break.

But this doesn’t mean losing quality in the built environment. The interior of this multilevel home is as interesting an expression of creativity as we can find within the confines of our current regulations. To round out our efforts, we fitted this home with energy efficient fixtures throughout, passive solar heating and a solar array. Skylights and carefully placed windows provide plenty of light and air.

In the creation of this two-story cabin, we have explored the relationship between having a high quality experience with light and the exterior environment while making the smallest environmental impact.

The tenant pays for all utilities at this property. Cats are allowed with an additional deposit.